“Please explain Support Vector Machines (SVM) like I am a 5 year old.”

“Please explain Support Vector Machines (SVM) like I am a 5 year old.” #analytics #machinelearning #modeling Courtesy of @copperking at Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MachineLearning/comments/15zrpp/please_explain_support_vector_machines_svm_like_i Direct quotation from Reddit: “We have 2 colors of balls on the table that we want to separate. We get a stick and put it on the table, this works pretty well right? […]

Ad-Hoc Networks and Solution-Based Selling

For digital products, the salesman’s briefcase is unlimited. Introduction In KIBS (‘knowledge intensive business services’ which used to be called “professional services”), newcomers are more and more often building ad-hoc networks with complementing service providers, may they be established companies or freelancers. These ad-hoc networks remain dormant most of the time, but the links (“nodes”) […]

Platform strategy: How can media companies co-align their operations with incentives of social platforms

Introduction Platform integration is a major issue for publishers. The question, as interpreted by some of them, takes the form: friend or foe? Although it would be naïve to answer “friend”, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are not foes either. At minimum, they are necessary evil to cope with, at maximum they are strategic leverage. […]

Broken Window Fallacy — Still Relevant?

Do we really need more broken windows? There is a fallacy within broken window fallacy. I will now explain this argument. Essentially, the fallacy (by the classic French economist Frederick Bastiat) argues that “breaking windows”, although brings work for window repairers and thus adds to economic activity, is sub-optimal because of the opportunity cost of […]

Negative tipping and Facebook: Warning signs

This Inc article states a very big danger for Facebook: http://www.inc.com/jeff-bercovici/facebook-sharing-crisis.html It is widely established in platform theory that reaching a negative tipping point can destroy a platform. Negative tipping is essentially the reverse of positive tipping — instead of gaining momentum, the platforms starts quickly losing it. There are two dimensions I want to look […]

Ohjelmallisen ostamisen alusta: ideaaliominaisuuksia

Full-metal digitalist. Maailma muuttuu, markkinoijani Tällä hetkellä digitaalinen media on siirtymässä ohjelmallisen ostamisen malliin, ts. mainokset ostetaan ja myydään mainosalustan (esim. Google AdWords, Facebook) kautta. Myös perinteinen offline-media (TV, printti, radio) tulee ajan myötä siirtymään ohjelmallisen ostamisen järjestelmiin, joskin tässä menee arvioni mukaan vielä 5-10 vuotta. Miksi ohjelmallinen ostaminen voittaa? Syy on selkeä: Ohjelmallinen ostaminen […]

Facebook Ads: too high performance might turn on you (theoretically)

Introduction Now, earlier I wrote a post arguing that Facebook has an incentive to lower the CPC of well-targeting advertisers because better targeting improves user experience (in two-sided market terms, relevance through more precise targeting reduces the negative indirect network effects perceived by ad targets). You can read that post here. However, consider the point from another […]

Why human services are needed for world peace

The bot can be boss, as long as we have jobs. Why are human services the future of our economy? (And, therefore, an absolute requirement for world peace [1].) For three reasons: They do not pollute or waste material resources (or tend to do so with significantly less degree than material consumption) Exponential growth of population […]

Facebook ad testing: is more ads better?

Yellow ad, red ad… Does it matter in the end? Introduction I used to think differently about creating ad variations, but having tested both methods I’ve changed my mind. Read the explanation below. There are two alternative approaches to ad testing: “Qwaya” method* — you create some base elements (headlines, copy texts, pictures), out of […]