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Algorithms that describe a researcher’s mind

Algorithms that describe a researcher’s mind: (a) Work on the paper “closest to publication”. => downside: can reduce the willingness to solve difficult problems because they are farther from publication (b) Always switch to more interesting topic, when you see one. => downside: you’ll never get anything published (but upside can be that you learn […]

The balanced view algorithm

I recently participated in a meeting of computer scientists where the topic was “fake news”. The implicit assumption was that “we will do this tool x that will show people what is false information, and they will become informed.” However, after the meeting I realized this might not be enough, and in fact be naïve […]

The strategy algorithm

Introduction The purpose of the strategy algorithm is to present a simple, parsimonius, and proven method for successful creation of a corporate strategy. In corporations, the problems usually do not relate to lack of resources or options, but to complexity of having in fact too many choices. This can lead to illusion of superiority which […]

What is a “neutral algorithm”?

1. Introduction Earlier today, I had a brief exchange of tweets with @jonathanstray about algorithms. It started from his tweet: Perhaps the biggest technical problem in making fair algorithms is this: if they are designed to learn what humans do, they will. To which I replied: Yes, and that’s why learning is not the way […]

Algorithm Neutrality and Bias: How Much Control?

The Facebook algorithm is a global super power. So, I read this article: Facebook is prioritizing my family and friends – but am I? The point of the article — that you should focus on your friends & family in real life instead of Facebook — is poignant and topical. So much of our lives is spent […]