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How to measure media bias?

Mass media is old, and so is their bias. Introduction Media bias is under heavy discussion at the moment, especially relating to the on-going presidential election in the US. However, the quality of discussion is not the way it should be; I mean, there should be objective analysis on the role of the media. Instead, […]

European financial crisis – the next steps?

Introduction With this post, I’m anticipating the next phase of debate on European financial crisis, as the problem of asynchronous economies isn’t going away. The continent is currently riddled with the refugee crisis, but sooner or later the attention will return to this topic which hasn’t been properly dealt with. The problem In brief, there are […]

About moral hazard and banking crises

Introduction The struggle against moral hazard in banking is constant and real. There’s no turn-key solution for eliminating it, but it must be kept in mind at all times by policy makers. Consider the following citation from Wikipedia: “The role of the lender of last resort, and the existence of deposit insurance, both create moral […]