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Managing business development of an ad platform

Here’s a great example of a business development program of an ad platform: Google provides similar service through its AdWords Partner program. Facebook and Google are offering the free 1-on-1 help for one simple reason: It improves the quality of ads. Because of this, two positive effects take place: a) the users are happier. As two-sided […]

Affinity analysis in political social media marketing – the missing link

Introduction. Hm… I’ve figured out how to execute successful political marketing campaign on social media [1], but one link is missing still. Namely, applying affinity analysis (cf. market basket analysis). Discounting conversions. Now, you are supposed to measure “conversions” by some proxy – e.g., time spent on site, number of pages visited, email subscription. Determining […]

Total remarketing – the concept

Here’s a definition: Total remarketing is remarketing in all possible channels with all possible list combinations. Channels: Programmatic display networks (e.g., Adroll) Google (GDN, RLSA) Facebook (Website Custom Audience) Facebook (Video viewers / Engaged with ads) etc. How to apply: Test 2-3 different value propositions per group Prefer up-selling and cross-selling over discounts (the goal […]

In 2016, Facebook bypassed Google in ads. Here’s why.

Introduction The gone 2016 was the first year I thought Facebook ends up beating Google in the ad race, despite the fact Google still dominates in revenue ($67Bn vs. $17Bn in 2015). I’ll explain why. First, consider that Google’s growth is restricted by three things: natural demand keyword volumes, and approach of perfect market. More […]

Facebook Ads TIP: remember data breakdowns

Here’s a small case study. We observed irrational behavior from Facebook ads. We have two ad versions running; but the one with lower CTR gets a better relevance score and lower CPC. This seems like an irrational outcome, because in my understanding, CTR as a measure of relevance should be largest impact factor to CPC […]

Miten tuottaa lisäarvoa dynaamisella uudellenkohdennuksella?

Juttelin tänään erään Facebookin edustajan kanssa, jonka tehtävänä on auttaa Elämyslahjoja tekemään parempaa Facebook-mainontaa. Keskustelu pyöri aloittelijatasolla, kunnes sanoin että olemme tehneet Facebook-mainontaa jo monta vuotta ja tiedämme nämä perusjutut. Silloin henkilö ehdotti meille Facebookin dynaamista uudellenkohdennusta (eng. dynamic retargeting). Ko. mainonnan muoto siis toimii niin, että tietyllä tuotesivulla käyneelle henkilölle näytetään Facebookissa samasta tuotteesta […]

Algorithm Neutrality and Bias: How Much Control?

The Facebook algorithm is a global super power. So, I read this article: Facebook is prioritizing my family and friends – but am I? The point of the article — that you should focus on your friends & family in real life instead of Facebook — is poignant and topical. So much of our lives is spent […]

Why social advertising beats display advertising

Introduction I’ve long been skeptical of display advertising. At least my students know this, since ever year I start the digital marketing course by giving a lecture on why display sucks (and why inbound / search-engine marketing performs much better). But this post is not about the many pitfalls of display. Rather, it’s outlining three arguments […]