Facebook’s Incentive to Reward Precise Targeting

Facebook has an incentive to lower the advertising cost for more precise targeting by advertisers. What, why? Because by definition, the more precise targeting is the more relevant it its for end users. Knowing the standard nature of ads (as in: negative indirect network effect vis-à-vis users), the more relevant they are, the less unsatisfied […]

Qualitative Analysis With NVivo – Essential Features

This post explains the use of NVivo software package for analysis of qualitative data. It focuses on four aspects: coding categorization relationships comparison of background variables First, coding. This is simply giving names to phenomena observed in the material. It’s a process of abstraction and conceptualization, i.e. making the rich qualitative material more easily approachable by […]

A Little Guide to AdWords Optimization

Hello, my young padawan! This time I will write a fairly concise post about optimizing Google AdWords campaigns. As usual, my students gave the inspiration to this post. They’re currently participating in Google Online Marketing Challenge, and — from the mouths of children you hear the truth 🙂 — asked a very simple question: “What do […]

Problem/Solution Space: A Startup Perspective

I was inspired to write this post by the following pictures that I’d included in my lecture material a few years. Writing it in a bit of a hurry since the class starts soon! (but it’ll good enough to make the point) (You can find the original source for the pictures by googling.) Okay, a couple […]

Modern Market Research Methods: A Startup Perspective

EDIT: Updated by adding competitive analysis, very important to benchmark competitors. EDIT2: Updated by adding experimentation (14th April, 2016) Introduction Somebody on Quora was asking about ‘tools’ for validating viability and demand for a startup’s products. I replied it’s not a question of tools, but plain old market research (which seems to be all too […]

Dynamic Pricing and Incomplete People Information

One of the main problems in analytics is the lack of people information (e.g., demographics, interests). It is controlled by superplatforms like Google and Facebook, but as soon as you have transition from the channel to the website, you lose this information. So, I was thinking this in context of dynamic pricing. There’s no problem […]

Viisi mainostoimistojen virhettä digitaalisessa markkinoinnissa

Niin sanotut perinteiset markkinoijat tekevät kokemukseni perusteella useita perustavanlaatuisia virheitä siirtyessään vanhoista ajattelumalleista digitaaliseen markkinointiin. Nämä virheet näkyvät etenkin monien mainostoimistojen kohdalla. Viisi virhettä ovat: 1. Tuloksia ei mitata Nähdään ettei mittaaminen ole mahdollista tai järkevää esim. “brändäykseen” keskittyvien offline-kampanjoiden kohdalla. Ajatus on virheellinen, koska a) myös offline-kampanjoita voidaan mitata (esim. kuponkeja käyttämällä) ja b) myös […]

The Psychological Cost of Answering an Email

You’re not getting as many replies to your messages as you’d like. Why is that? Well, there may be many reasons, but I’m discussing one of them here. It’s the psychological cost of processing an email and acting upon it. My hypothesis is simple: The higher the psychological cost of answering an email, the lower […]