What are the real benefits of human educators vs. ChatGPT?

Interesting claims in this presentation about teacher strengths relative to AI: https://sway.cloud.microsoft/CqKZjoSsoTvWoTMB?ref=Link I’m assessing each one by one below. “Teacher Strengths in Relation to language model ChatGPT:” “Artificial intelligence is an efficient tool that can support teachers in many ways, but it cannot replace many of the important tasks and roles of teachers.” >> ok […]

Rediscovering Digital Divide with GenAI

With digital tools, we keep rediscovering the same truth, which is that they increase the productivity differences (performance) between people. Prolific people become more prolific and non-prolific become relatively worse off. Consider a simple example from the previous generation: ad platforms. Compare Copywriter A (mediocre) and Copywriter B (skilled). The skilled copywriter can draw huge […]

Different personas representing AI attitudes

Different personas representing AI attitudes: All these types have their own reasons and backgrounds for touting the message that they toute. I personally prefer the silent doers who are less vocal and therefore harder to find. I prefer them because learning from them helps me apply lessons to my job.

How to write up machine learning experiments? Here’s a process to follow

It’s sometimes difficult, especially for newcomers, to understand all the steps of a machine learning (ML) analysis. Here’s a practical list of the items I’m myself considering when leading an ML research project. Our use of ML is applied; we do research related to social computing (also known as computational social sciences), marketing, analytics, and […]

The Triangulated Attribution Model

This is a practical, conceptually sound attribution framework we have been developing with Mr. Tommi Salenius who is the Head of E-commerce in a fast-growing international e-commerce company. The point is this: >90% of e-commerce companies (just an educated guess based on our experience) solely rely on analytics to attribute sales to channels and campaigns. […]

All Forms of Analytics with Their Definitions

DISCLAIMER: This post was produced in collaboration with AI (ChatGPT-4, September 2023 version). The content has been verified by a human subject matter expert for veracity and relevance and modified where appropriate. There are many forms of ‘analytics’, like ‘web analytics’, ‘digital analytics’, and ‘marketing analytics’. Are these different forms of analytics all the same […]