Different personas representing AI attitudes

Different personas representing AI attitudes:

  • “AI haters” — usually technical guys that go around saying, “AI can’t think, I know the technology. It’s all just probability calculation!”. They don’t use Gen AI (or at least don’t admit to it). They might be afraid of AI democratization and possibly want technology to remain “their thing” with their terms.
  • “AI evangelists” — usually non-technical people that attach all kinds of mythical abilities to AI. But, they don’t use it and what they know is based on hearsay and hype. They share miracle stories and believe every good thing about AI.
  • “AI doomers” — these are people that think AI will take away all the jobs, or otherwise have major ethical dilemmas. They focus on the negative side. They want more regulation and control. They are predominantly afraid.
  • “Silent doers” — they have no opinion or deep thinking about AI. They simply use it to get a job done. They’re the ones who know the limits of the technology in practice because they apply it in practical tasks.

All these types have their own reasons and backgrounds for touting the message that they toute. I personally prefer the silent doers who are less vocal and therefore harder to find. I prefer them because learning from them helps me apply lessons to my job.