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What are the real benefits of human educators vs. ChatGPT?

Interesting claims in this presentation about teacher strengths relative to AI: https://sway.cloud.microsoft/CqKZjoSsoTvWoTMB?ref=Link I’m assessing each one by one below. “Teacher Strengths in Relation to language model ChatGPT:” “Artificial intelligence is an efficient tool that can support teachers in many ways, but it cannot replace many of the important tasks and roles of teachers.” >> ok […]

Tips for Using AI in Academic Writing

This post contains an example of how to declare the use of AI in academic work (see the ‘Methodology’ section below) as well as explaining triangulation as a way of verifying AI-generated information. (Read also my previous post about how to handle AI in education.) Methodology OpenAI’s ChatGPT (September 25 Version) was used to define […]