Sales attribution in cross-channel retargeting

Digital marketing thought of the day (with Tommi Salenius): There are two channel types for online ads: “first-channel”, meaning the channel that gets a customer’s attention first. And “second-channel”, where we run retargeting ads to activate the non-converted audience from the first-channel. There are also two types of consumers: “buy now”, meaning those that buy […]

Non-linear growth of value in platform business

The value of aggregation in ad business (and probably in most other verticals, too) is that 1 impression would have zero value, i.e., no advertiser wants to pay. 10 impressions also have zero value, so do 100 impressions. But when we get to hundreds of thousands to millions, all of a sudden the value spikes […]

About academic competition and network effects

It’s extremely hard for a small research team to compete against huge labs. It’s a question of network effects; the huge labs have the critical mass of funding, collaborators, momentum, and publication pull to attract the best talent, whether the brightest PhD students or the best post-docs. The rest are left with the “scraps”. Seems […]

A New Blog on Customer Segmentation

Hi! Our team has started a new blog about customer segmentation. The blog reports our research progress on new customer segmentation algorithms and summarizes a lot of the previous work on customer segmentation. You can access the blog at:

Research on Persona Analytics

This year (2021), we have managed to publish two research papers that I consider important milestones in persona analytics research. They are listed below. Jung, S., Salminen, J., & Jansen, B. J. (2021). Persona Analytics: Implementing Mouse-tracking for an Interactive Persona System. Extended Abstracts of ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems – CHI EA ’21. […]

Algorithms that describe a researcher’s mind

Algorithms that describe a researcher’s mind: (a) Work on the paper “closest to publication”. => downside: can reduce the willingness to solve difficult problems because they are farther from publication (b) Always switch to more interesting topic, when you see one. => downside: you’ll never get anything published (but upside can be that you learn […]

Miksi markkinoija on huono kasvuhakkeroija?

Mari Luukkainen kysyi LinkedInissä “Voiko kokenut markkinoija oppia kasvuhakkerointia?” Marin kokemus on seuraavanlainen: ”Olen rekrytoinut kasvuhakkerointi- tai vastaavaan rooliin muutaman vuoden aikana 12 kokenutta markkinoijaa ja 25 henkilöä joilla ei ole ollut markkinoinnista juurikaan kokemusta.” “Näistä henkilöistä tehokkaan ja systemaattisen kasvuhakkerointiprosessin oppi 0/12 ja 25/25.” “Kasvuhakkeroinnissa olennaista on saada asiat hoidettua. Ainakin kerran viikossa pitää […]