Month: May 2020

Miksi markkinoija on huono kasvuhakkeroija?

Mari Luukkainen kysyi LinkedInissä “Voiko kokenut markkinoija oppia kasvuhakkerointia?” Marin kokemus on seuraavanlainen: ”Olen rekrytoinut kasvuhakkerointi- tai vastaavaan rooliin muutaman vuoden aikana 12 kokenutta markkinoijaa ja 25 henkilöä joilla ei ole ollut markkinoinnista juurikaan kokemusta.” “Näistä henkilöistä tehokkaan ja systemaattisen kasvuhakkerointiprosessin oppi 0/12 ja 25/25.” “Kasvuhakkeroinnissa olennaista on saada asiat hoidettua. Ainakin kerran viikossa pitää […]

5 Trends of Coronavirus and the Economy

Outlining five trends I’m observing at the moment. NB: These are my personal opinions, mostly based on business news coming out and social media sentiments of people I’m following. I: Monetary policy of lowering interest rates and “printing money” by buying bonds and stocks by central banks has a limited effect on alleviating the financial […]

Your work is non-essential, according to coronavirus

Some of my observations about coronavirus and economy. It’s striking how FEW people we need to sustain many. More than a billion people are in physical isolation, BUT utilities (electricity, water, internet) working perfectly. Really a marvel of innovation and automation that shows how well technology and infrastructure in most places has been built. On […]

Unit of cognitive effort

We should come up with a unit for cognitive effort. Like in information science you have a “bit” (binary digit that stores information). That concept was made famous by Claude Shannon who is considered as “the father of information theory”. Here, I’m arguing a metric like “bit” should be developed for measuring cognitive effort of […]