Google Analytics: 21 Questions to Get Started

I was teaching a course called “Web & Mobile Analytics” at Aalto University back in 2015. As a part of that course, the students conducted an analytics audit for their chosen website. I’m sharing the list of questions I made for that audit, as it’s a useful list for getting to know Google Analytics. The […]

Simple methods for anomaly detection in e-commerce

Anomaly is a deviation from the expected value. The main challenges are: (a) how much the deviation should be to be classified as an anomaly, and (b) what time frame or subset of data should we examine. The simplest way to answer those questions is to use your marketer’s intuition. As an e-commerce manager, you […]

Platform metrics: Some ideas

I was chatting with Lauri [1] about platform research. I claimed that the research has not that many implications for real-world companies apart from the basic constructs of network effects, two-sidedness, tipping, marquee users, strategies such as envelopment, and of course many challenges, including chicken-and-egg problems, monetization dilemma, and remora’s curse (see my dissertation on […]

Myynti on resurssien tuhlausta – ajatuksia myynnin hyödyllisyydestä isossa kuvassa

Kansantaloudessa käytetään merkittävä määrä resursseja myyntiin, joka ei tuota tuloksia tai ole tarpeellista. Myynti on tarpeellista silloin, kun asiakkaalla on tarve, jonka hän joko tiedostaa tai ei tiedosta. Kummassakin tapauksessa myyjästä on asiakkaalle hyötyä — myyjä toimii informaation välittäjänä ja tehostaa näin markkinoiden toimintaa. Logiikka on sama kuin informatiivisen mainonnan teoriassa. Mutta silloin kuin myydään […]

Digital analytics maturity model

Digital analytics maturity model: Concepts — here, focus on is on buzzwords and realization that “we should do something”. Tools — here, focus is on tools, i.e. “Let’s use this shiny new technology and it will solve all our problems.” Value — here, we finally focus on what matters: how will the tools and technologies […]

Problem of continuous value in SaaS business

A major challenge for many SaaS businesses is to provide continuous value, so that the users are compelled to continue using the service. There’s a risk of opportunism if the user can achieve his goals with one-time use; he then either uses the free trial version, or only subscribes for one month. For example, some […]

Identifying opportunities that Google and Facebook can’t handle

It’s almost impossible to beat Facebook’s or Google’s algorithms in ad optimization, because they have access to individual-level data whereas the advertiser only gets aggregates, and even their supply is limited. But, there are two opportunities I see which Google and Facebook don’t handle: 1. Use of CRM data Especially purchase history (=lifetime value), product […]

Grassblade model of startup acquisition

Grassblade model of startup acquisition = an incumbent is waiting until an upstart rival exceeds a KPI threshold x (e.g., 1 million users). Observations: ‘x’ needs to be defined so that it is big enough to prove the momentum, yet small enough to give a decent valuation — let the startup grow long enough, it […]

Edelläkävijän kirous

Edelläkävijän kirous = edelläkävijä missaa bisnesmahdollisuuksia, koska kuvittelee että “se on jo tehty”. Ratkaisut tähän: 1. täydellinen ajoitus on mahdotonta: luovu sellaisen odottamisesta 2. mikään ongelma ei ole ratkaistu, ennen kuin kilpailijasi on ns. household brand (eikä sittenkään ole mahdotonta disruptoida, kuten Facebook => MySpace ja Google => Yahoo osoittavat) Aallolla ratsastaja tekee parhaimmat tuotot, […]